Iranian factory workers risk persecution to strike over unpaid wages.

Workers at Iran's Alborz tire factory are one week into a resumed strike over salary arrears.

Reza Shahabi on dry hunger strike

Help Free Reza: An open Letter by the Family of Reza Shahabi

To: Workers, workers' organizations, human rights organizations and media

As you may be aware, Reza Shahabi, an imprisoned worker (the Treasurer and member of the board of directors of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company) who is incarcerated in section 209 of Evin Prison, have gone on dry hunger strike since December 4, 2010; and, as a result of his previous poor health conditions and the illnesses which have been developed since his incarceration six months ago, his life is now seriously endangered. Although his release letter was issued on October 11, 2010 and a bail of 60 million Toman (about US$57,000) had been posted for him by his family, he has not been freed yet. On the other hand, another bail application with the amount of 100 million toman was given simultaneously to Reza to sign. Moreover, the two judicial authorities that we have been referred to are refusing to provide any information about Reza Shahabi's case and even deny that they are in charge of his file.

Read on for more info and for model protest letter:

Iran- Increase in arbitrary arrests of labour activists

· Reza Shahabi still held incommunicado

· Osanloo sentenced to one more year prison

· Members of the Coordinating Committee targeted/jailed

· RMT campaigns for release of Iranian trade union leader, Reza Shahabi

· Report on leaflet distribution about Reza Shahabi’s arrest in Tehran

· Is Reza Shahabi being forgotten? By a group of workers and labour activists in Iran

· CUPW: Free Sakineh!

· Demonstration outside Iranian embassy in Paris

· Sample Protest letter (Please use to send messages to IRI authorities)

Special report on kidnapping and torture of Mansour Osnaloo's daughter-in-law by agents of Intelligence Ministry

IASWI condemns police violence against G20 protesters!

Parvaneh Osanloo: "Because of agents' assaults my daughter-in-law Suffered Miscarriage."

Iran-According to reports received by “Human Rights and Democracy activists of Iran Roya Samadi, daughter-in-law of Mansour Osanloo, president of the board of directors of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, was kidnapped and savagely tortured by three agents of Intelligence Ministry.

Reza Shahabi, Bus Workers' Syndicate's Treasurer Arrested

Four Leaders of the Syndicate are now in prison!

Campaign to Free Leaders of Tehran Bus Workers' Syndicate!

Mr. Reza Shahabi, a board member and Treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Vahed Syndicate) was arrested today, June 12, 2010. According to the latest news, Mr. Shahbi was on a sick leave for the past few days; when he returned to work this morning he was told to report to the Tehran Bus Company headquarter. After reporting to the headquarter he was arrested by four intelligence agents. Following his arrest, Mr. Shahabi was taken to his home where they searched his belongings and personal information including his computer and afterwards transferred him to an unknown location. His whereabouts has not been reported to his family.

Trade Unionist Executed in Iran


Together with four other Kurdish political prisoners, Farzad Kamangar was executed, in secret, on Sunday 9 May at Evin Prison in Tehran. Kamangar, a 35-year-old teacher and member of the Teachers' Trade Association of Kurdistan, was accused of "endangering national security" and "enmity against God". He had lived with the threat of the death penalty since February 2008, when it was imposed upon him after a sham trial that lasted less than five minutes. In prison, Farzad suffered torture and psychological pressure.

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Iranian May Day Statement

- Joint Resolution for International Workers’ Day (Labour Organizations of Iran)

- First Official Statement from the Organizing Council of the International Workers' Day's Ceremony -1389

- Happy International Workers' Day! Mohammad Abdipour and Mahmoud Salehi

- Alireza Mahjoub and the Workers' House of the Islamic Republic of Iran-IASWI

Read on for statement from Iranian union organisations and action letters...

Support the Workers of Iran

· Stop killings and torture!

· Farzad Kamangar in danger of execution!

· Free Haft Tapeh labour leaders!

From Workers Iran:

· Free Osanloo and Madadi now!

· The last of May Day 2009 detainees still in jail! Free Mehdi Farahi Shandiz now!

· Free Majid Hamidi now!

· Please use the Sample Protest letter and act now!

New Year Message of Hope from Iran Solidarity


2010 must herald a new dawn

Hello and Happy New Year!

2010 looks to be a very promising year indeed.

The escalation and radicalisation of protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic bring with it the hope for a very different world to the one we live in. Don’t forget, the suppression of the 1979 Iranian revolution by the Islamists changed the world we knew for the worse. This time round, the fall of the Islamists via a people’s revolution will change things for the better.

Latest News From Haft Tapeh Workers - Iran

· An update by the IASWI; and Current situation and progressive practices:
· The launch of “Kargar (Worker) TV”

· A call for support and solidarity with Haft Tapeh workers (English translation of Ali Nejati’s second Open letter to all workers-Dated November 7, 2009)

· Open letter to International Labour Organization from The Syndicate of Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company

Support Iranian workers' rights

11/09/2009 - 4:30pm
11/09/2009 - 6:30pm

Solidarity with Iranian workers!
Protest outside the Iranian Embassy, Princes Gate, London, SW7 1PT (nearest tube Knightsbridge)
Friday 11 September, 4.30-6.30pm

Solidarity with Iranian political prisoners, students and workers!

02/08/2009 - 2:00pm
02/08/2009 - 5:00pm

Solidarity with Iranian political prisoners, students and workers!
Oppose Iranian state lies and censorship!

Demonstrate outside the offices of the Iranian-regime's propaganda organisation, Press TV
Sunday 2 August 2-5pm
Westgate House, Westgate, Ealing W5

* Two minutes walk from Hanger Lane tube station, Central Line
* Press TV is an Iranian state-funded English language station.

Revolution in Iran?


June 14 2009
Support for the mass protests against Ahmadinejad’s re-election! But we should have no illusions that Massouvi would have been any better

Yassamine Mather, chair of Hands Off the People of Iran, assesses the highly fluid situation in Iran (from

Iran: Campaign for the Release of May Day Detainees

31 still in jail amid reports of torture

Following the release of nine more detainees in recent days, 31 workers and activists arrested on May Day in Tehran continue to be detained at Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. Most of the detainees have been transferred to Ward 7 of the Prison, while five are being held in Ward 209, which is the special interrogation ward run by the Intelligence Ministry. The five are Jafar Azim-Zadeh, Saeed Yuzi, Mohammad Ashrafi, Alireza Saghafi and Mohsen Saghafi.

Iranian Families of May Day detainees still in the dark about the condition of their loved ones

[The following is the translation of a statement issued on Thursday 14th May by the Free Union of Iranian Workers]:

So far none of those arrested at Laleh Park rally, who are being held in Ward 209 of Evin Prison, has been able to meet their families or even contact them by phone. Those detained are said to be in the custody of the Intelligence Ministry and subjected to lengthy interrogations and all kinds of pressures. On Wednesday, the mother of one of those arrested, who lives in Esfahan’s Zarrin Shahr district, said that after 12 days and much searching she had found out that her son Hamid Malak Zadeh, who was a student in Tehran, had been arrested on May Day at Laleh Park. She said no-one was giving her any straight answers.

Iran: Statement No. 1 by the First of May Organizing Committee

Many women and men from various age range have been arrested and are now in prison

On the occasion of 1st of May, the International Workers’ Day, and in response to the call by the independent Iranian labour and activist organizations at 5pm on Friday 1 May, a large group of Iranian workers, labour activists and their families gathered at Laleh Park in Tehran to celebrate the May Day and promote their demands.

Strike at Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company - Iran

Workers demand freedom for Ali Nejati and payment of unpaid wages

April 7, 2009-According to the Committee in Defence of Haft Tapeh Workers, workers in Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company went on strike, today, April 7th, in protest to non-payment of their wages for the past two months and the reduction of over-time work, the arrest and detention of Mr. Ali Nejati, the president of the board of director of the Syndicate of Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company and also for the implementation of job classification plan.

See Iranian Students talk of their experience and struggles


Hands Off the People of Iran held a speaking tour with Iranian students last year.

Torab Saleth (Workers Left Unity Iran) and Behrooz Karimizadeh and Kaveh Abbasian (Students for Freedom and Equality in Iran) addressed a meeting organised by the Kings’ College student society of ‘Hands Off the People of Iran’.

This short video should give you some background on the struggles and experiences of the students in Iran.

IRAN - Ali Nejati still incarcerated

No News of Nejati’s whereabouts!

March 14, 2009 - According to the latest news from Iran, Mr. Ali Nejati is still incarcerated and even his family members have not been able to meet with him. His wife has gone to a number of different authorities, including the intelligence office of the city of Shoush and the Islamic Revolution Court in city of Dezful, but they all refused to provide her with any information about Mr. Nejati’s whereabouts.

Leaders of Haft Tapeh Workers’ Syndicate arrested

Labour activists fear more arrests

February 28, 2009 - According to the latest news form Iran, Mr. Ali Nejati, president of the board of directors of the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company Workers’ Syndicate, and Reza Rakhshan, the Public Relations director of the Syndicate and a board member, were arrested on February 28, 2009.

Iran: two workers flogged for taking part in May Day

On Wednesday 18th February, two women workers were flogged, following their conviction by a court in Sanandaj for taking part in last year’s May Day celebrations. Susan Razani received a 9 months’ suspended sentence and 70 lashes and Shiva Kheir Abadi 3 years’ suspended sentence and 15 lashes.

Comedy fundraiser for HOPI with Peyvand Khorsandi and Hils Barker

01/03/2009 - 8:00pm
01/03/2009 - 11:00pm

Comedy night with Peyvand Khorsandi and Hils Barker, with all proceeds going to Hands Off the People of Iran - a campaign that combines implacable opposition to war and sanctions on Iran with support for the grassroots secular movements of workers, women and students inside Iran. Tickets: £8.

Workers’ Struggles in Iran News and Reports- Updates as of February 11, 2009- IASWI

· Three labour activists in Marivan arrested
· The Continued Imprisonment of Mohsen Hakimi
· Bijan Amiri Freed on Bail
· Taha Azadi Summoned to court again
· Workers of Ahwaz Pipe Mills protest non-payment of wages
· Workers of Khameneh Textile have not been paid for the past 19 months
· Slain workers of “Khatoon Abad” are never forgotten!
· Protest against the repression of labour activists in Iran!(Sample Protest Letter- updated February 11, 2009
· Solidarity with the general strike of workers in France
· Solidarity message to workers' organizations in Palestine
· CUPW Condemns arrests and repression of labour activists in Iran
· CGT protest Letter
· CGT Transport’s Protest Letter to the IRI’s Ambassador in Paris
· Protest Message by: APTUF/WWO
· Protest Letter by Ken Loach
· LabourStart Act Now! Iran: Save the life of Farzad Kamangar

take action - Iranian teacher trade unionist at risk of execution

On 24 November, prison guards entered Farzad Kamangar's cell in Section 209 of Tehran's Evin prison. It is reported that the prison guards beat Farzad Kamangar, threatened him with execution, and took him out of the cell, along with some of his personal belongings.

Over 6,000 workers march again on 15th day of strike

From the Worker Communist Party of Iran:

Shush, Iran – Monday, May 19, 2008

Thousands of Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers marched again on Sunday and Monday through the town of Shush ahead of the sham trial of five of their colleagues tomorrow, which the workers are fighting to revoke. As in the last few days, the people of the town also joined the march today. At one point the workers blocked the main highway in the area.

Iran: workers defy ban to celebrate May Day; 10 arrested

Workers in a number of cities in Iran held, or attempted to hold, May Day rallies despite a heavy clampdown by the government. Rallies were held in the western cities of Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Saqez. However, the planned rally in the industrial zone of Asalooye was broken up when the security forces moved in to arrest the organisers and remove placards. Those arrested include Javanmir Moradi and Taha Azadi, from the leadership of the newly formed Free Union of Iranian Workers.

Hands Off The People Of Iran Weekend School (June 14-15)

14/06/2008 - 11:00am
15/06/2008 - 4:00pm

Hopi weekend school

Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15, University of London Union, Malet Street.

Iranian Trade Unionist, Mahmoud Salehi, Freed


This is how the TUC today reported the release of Mahmoud Salehi from an Iranian jail.

Latest on Jailed Iranian Trade Unionist mahmoud Salehi

Court appearance of Mahmoud Salehi and referral of his case to prosecutor’s office:

According to news we have received, on Saturday 29 March 2008 Mahmoud Salehi appeared in court, where he made his final defence in front of the judge.

Read on for mor eon this case and to take email action to demand his release.

Two More Workers Whipped in Iran


Union complains to the ILO
21 Feb 2008

A further two workers, who were arrested at last year’s May Day ceremonies in the city of Sanandaj, have been fined and whipped, according to a report by the National Union of Dismissed and Unemployed Workers in Iran -

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