Egypt: Protests inspired by Tunisia and fanned by social media break out nationwide


Taken from a live blog from Cairo covering events on January 25th and 26th 2011.

Source remains anonymous:

Twitter is blocked right now, probably facebook later that's how people managed to organize this. Right now I am trying to make a guide how to use proxys, if anyone could help me with any other simpler way I would appreciate it.

Edit: The reason why I posted this in the first place was because there wasn't anything mentioned on any news networks local or worldwide, that's including aljazeera, later they all started following news posted by RNN.NEWS on facebook - the link is on top of topic -

Also another reason was that there were threats of live rounds being shot around and I was afraid people would get wiped out without anyone covering it, which is something the Egyptian government is capable of. So I did what I could.

I will try to update as much as I can

Main demands:

1. Reconvening of the People's Assembly
2. Repealing martial law which is overdue by more than 30 years.
3. Maximum of 2 terms for the president
4. Setting a minimum for wages of 1200 local pounds.
5. Sacking of minister of interior affairs.

Excuse my grammar and english, I am pretty tired.

* The main protest in AlTahrir Square(stream is down) is still holding, they cut off all supplies from them, including mobile network. pic1pic2
* Confirmed news that food and water and tents are getting through to protestors in AlTahrir.
* Live ammunation is being fired in Suez, Alexandria and Ismailya.
* First death in Suez, 20 year old Moustafa Reda Mahmoud.
* Second death in suez, 31 year old Soliman Saber Aly.
* Sources say army units are being dispatched in Cairo and Alexandria.
* Confirmed sources that Gamal Moubarak - the president's son - have fled with his wife along with 97 bags of luggage to london, along with Alaa Moubarak(the other son), and Moubarak's wife Souzan. They are all in London.
* After live ammunation being shot in Alexandaria and crowds were scattered, they are regrouping right now and it's said the numbers are in 7000 right now.
* Protests organized for early tomorrow morning everywhere in egypt.
* Right now people in Alexandria are gathering at Library of Alexandria unconfirmed reports say that they are in 15,000.
* In Ismailya people are gathering near A stadium there, numbers are in the 30,000.
* A lot of protestors are being captured right now in cairo.
* Unconfirmed - Curfew announced in cairo.
* Seems facebook is starting to go down, pictures are starting to not load. Ehm anon, help?
* Any protests after 11:15, it's 11:16 right now while writing, live rounds are forced to be shot on civilians. They want to stop the protests before tomorrow morning.
* CNN reports an average of 750,000 were in protests today. A lot more are preparing for tomorrow.

In Kafr ElSheikh overuse of power is being used against protestors, teargas grenades are being fired.

BREAKING: If protestors refuse to move out of AlTahrir Square live rounds will be shot on them.

Medical aid requested by civilians in AlTahrir Square.

So far it seems no rounds shot on people at AlTahrir and protests around the area are gathering to enter the square.

12 AM and no news for about 30 minutes from AlTahrir Square.
* Overuse of force in Mahla, reports of injuries and no clear numbers yet.

A redditor made a video for how to use proxies here: . He asked for his name not to be mentioned.

A lot of updates could be found here as well:

* Update: Police forces waited till it's late night and talk shows are over and most likely people went to sleep and they started using force against civilians in AlTahrir Square, I will update when I have more details.
* Teargas grenades are raining on people, new stream up with an extremely bad quality.
* Arrests everywhere around AlTahrir Square for anyone who was trying to join in.
* Sources say that some of the protestors are getting scattered to nearby streets from the amount of teargas.
* Unconfirmed Protestors had to move from AlTahrir Square to another square 400 meters away Abd ElMen'm Reyad Sq, some of them got arrested in that move.
* Electric shock rods are being used, people can't see anything from the smoke. Anyone the police lay their hands on is put under arrest.
* Protestors trying to organize themselves and gathering in together again.
* The arrests the police are doing now is unconstitutional, they are kidnapping civilians who have the right to protest.

Excessive use of force against protestors continue. The government have prepared speeches and files that the Muslims brotherhood is behind everything that happened today which is not true. They were a partial part of it, people at AlTahrir Square were normal civilians who had absolutely nothing to do with any party.

Internet is starting to get really dodgy.
* Reports of usage of rubber bullets.
* Confirmed Third death 44 years old Ghareeb el sayed.
* Protestors regathering at Ramses Square, it's said their numbers are in 15,000.
* Reports of live bullets being used.
* Street wars in Alexandria between security forces and Civilians, in a major street called Port Said Street.
* Suez it's getting heated in streets and reports that civilians started attacking the police.
* Ramses Square Protest moving towards a crowded cairo area called Shubra, It's not over.

Police are following protestors in armored cars shooting both live and rubber bullets on them.

Sorry internet connection problems!
* Insider sources from police forces soldiers are exhausted both physically and morally
* More and more people going down the streets.
* In AlTahrir people were organised and peacefull, they didn't destroy or burn anything. They were even collecting their garbage.
* Unconfirmed news Ministry reform within hours.
* People gathered in front of Ministry of internal affairs building and unconfirmed news they are taking control over the national TV building. (They were airing some show about dolphins an hour ago)
* Again internet problems, police can't control anything anywhere right now. Dawn is soon and I can see organized demonstrations happening tomorrow(well today, it's 4am right now) everywhere.

"This is the first time I see those people in this demonstration. It seems that this is the first time for them to demonstrate. They are full of enthusiasm and excitement - as if they want to create a real revolution" anonymous tweet.

Today (Jan 26th)

* A new day, I only managed to get 4 hours sleep. 8:22am AlTahrir Square started filling up with protestors, wide calls for Civil Disobedience.
* Latest bit of news I could get, massive amounts of police forces in AlTahrir Square.
* It was agreed on last night that today's protest should be a bit more random and in the streets, to tire the police by running after them and to get more and more people to join in.
* Police are wearing civilians clothes, most of them that is. And a few special forces trucks are seen around.


That is as it stands right now.

You will find a lot of info here : but it could be in arabic so you will have to use

google covers egypt new

google covers egypt new quite well