Workers’ Co-operatives

When workers have the opportunity to escape the sweatshop, they often continue to work collectively and form themselves into a workers’ co-operative.

A workers’ co-op is an organisation where workers have full democratic, collective ownership of their work. They collectively decide how to run the business, they agree their own rates of pay and hours, and in doing so are able to ensure that their working conditions are up to a decent standard. They often arrange additional benefits such as child care and medical support, acting in a spirit of mutual aid.

Democratic control and workplace democracy takes many different forms, co-operatives are a particularly important model.

No Sweat supports workers that form their own co-operatives as an alternative to working for an sweatshop employer. No Sweat actively sources t-shirts made in worker’s co-operatives as an ethical alternative to sweatshop labour, while simultaneously working directly with independent trade unions to support the workers still struggling under sweatshop exploitation.

Find out more about the worker’s co-operatives that we work with on the No Sweat T-Shirts Page